Fleece Handling

Alpaca Fibre Colour Chart

AAFL Shearing Manual - Revised October 2010

The AAFL Fleece Handling and Information Manual provides growers with general information on alpaca fibre as well as detailed advice on the correct handling and packaging of their fleece for consignment to AAFL - Fleece Handling Guide & Information Manual

Alpaca Fibre Colour Chart

AAFL fleece colour grades are set by the requirements of our customers for the products they make.

These may differ from the AAA animal registration colours. These colour grades are subject to change as manufacturers modify their products.

Points to note in assessing fleece colour for processing:

  • Some white fleeces contain individual brown or black fibres
    - these fleeces must be graded as light fawn or grey
  • Black fleeces with brown or lighter tips have to be graded as dark brown
    - only true black fleeces can be graded as black
  • Grey fleece with any brown will be graded as Rose Grey
  • Because of the natural range of alpaca colours, some fleeces can vary between colour grades depending on the shade of the fleece
  • White fleeces grown in red soil areas may have to be graded as light fawn
    - this is due to the scouring process being unable to remove the red tipping.

Fleece Consignment Form

All fleece consigned to AAFL must be accompanied by the correct paperwork. For further details on correct labelling of fleeces please see the AAFL Fleece Handling Guide and Information Manual - Fleece Consignment Form

Shipping Manifest - Free Freight Offer

Shipping Manifest - Free Freight Offer

Statement by Supplier

ATO form and fact sheet providing guidance on 'pay as you go' (PAYG) withholding from payments for supplies, and the requirements for quoting an Australian business number (ABN) - Statement by Supplier